Bass Dynasty Atrractant

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Ground Rainbow Trout : Bass Dynasty Pro Tip: One of the biggest Largemouth Bass ever caught in the state of California, a 17.4 pound monster by Oliver Ngy, of Big Bass Dreams, was caught using a imitation Trout swimbait coated with this Stocker Trout flavored Bass Dynasty Slime, making it one of our most popular flavors in the line. Made from real ground up Rainbow Trout and the flavor Largemouth and Striped Bass absolutely crave. A must have for all fisherman tossing large imitation Trout swimbaits and plugs during local Trout plants. Ground Threadfin Shad : Bass Dynasty Pro Tip: Threadfin Shad flavored Bass Dynasty Slime is one of the most sought after flavors among all scents. We’ve all experience those rough days on the water, when fish won’t even take a look at anything other than a live Shad. Until now. Coat this deadly flavor onto all of your imitation Shad lures including your favorite Jerkbaits, Crankbaits, Spinner Baits, Plugs, Buzzbaits, Plastic Swimbaits and deep divers. When Bass are chasing shad, this should be your go to. Crawdad: It’s no secret that many of the largest Bass ever caught in the entire history of fishing were caught by anglers using live Crawdads, making this extremely potent flavor the #1 most popular Bass Dynasty Slime currently among customers. Apply a coat of this sticky wonder scent onto your favorite creepy crawling bottom fishing baits, such as jigs or plastic craws, and hold on tight. Bass will never know the difference between this flavor and the real thing. When Bass are feeding on Crawfish, this is perhaps the biggest no brainer in all of fishing and a must have in all freshwater scenarios. NightCrawler: Contents: The Nightcrawler flavored Bass Dynasty Slime is a staple among plastic worm fisherman. Whether your dropshotting, splitshotting, Carolina rigging or Texas rigging a plastic worm of any size, this attractant should be the first out of your tackle box. As with most plastic worms, they are fished extremely slow, giving Bass too much time to decide whether or not they want to bite (often working against you). With a thin layer of the Nightcrawler flavored Slime applied near the tail end of your worm, you can literally turn time into an advantage. Garlic: Contents: The Garlic flavored Bass Dynasty Slime is a favorite scent among the older generations, as one of the most commonly used scents across the board, no matter the gamefish. Bass in particular, love the smell of garlic and is the perfect attractant to use when needing a very strong smell when trying to mask the smell of hand poured baits or other injected plastics. Quite effective in murky stained waters, or after heavy rains when fish start keying in on smell over sight. Also very effective when fishing fast moving baits such as spinner baits and buzzbaits, when you need your scent to release fast while in the limited strike zone. One of the most versatile attractants in the line.