Duo Realis Onimasu 188F

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Onimasu The focus on this lure was to acquire a true S-curve motion distinctive different from saturated actions being depicted in the industry. This lure's vector (course of travel) is influence by the lure's unique profile and fore-region. Its fluxion (or velocity) is dictated by line tension and reel retrieve. It is versatile and can be guided by an array of gear ratios from a selected reel. The intention is to offer the swim motion through a variety of retrieves. Most slalom or affectionately called glide baits provide a relative shallow 'sway and yaw' motion. They show less ability to glide far beyond the centerline of travel. In fact, many take on the resemblance of "tacking" or a fluid "walk the dog" routine.

Length: 7-2/5in

Weight: 2-1/2oz

Floating Model